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How to make How Veg Kofta Pulao Recipe

Veg Kofta Pulao Recipe

Veg kofta pulao recipe there are many several types of pulao recipes.Which is famous in all over India.So today im going to make Veg Kofta Pulao Recipe many people they not heard about Veg kofta pulao Recipe.There will be two types of kofta one is veg and another is non veg today im making veg kofta.Veg Kofta Pulao Recipes which first introduced in Hyderabad.People who don't like non veg then easily make this veg kofta pulao it has easy recipe but just there will be a lots of ingredients.You can make this recipe in any occasion and definitely people will love this.

How to make veg kofta pulao recipe
         Preparation Time : 20 mins ! Cooking Time : 60 mins ! Serves:4 to 6


  • 11/2 cup rice-Soaked and drained 
  • 2 to 3 star anise 
  • 5 to 6 black peppercorn 
  • 1 inch cinnamon 
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 4 to 5 green cardamoms
  • 4 to 5 cloves
  • 1 to 2 black cardamoms 
  • 1 to 2 tbsp ghee 
  • 2 to 3 green chillies 
  • 1 ginger-Cut it into julienne
  • 3 medium onion sliced 
  • 3 to 4 cups vegetable stock
  • Salt to taste 
  • 1 tbsp coriander leaves 
  • 1 tbsp chopped mint leaves 
  • Few strands of saffron
  • 2 medium potatoes-Boiled,peeled and mashed 
  • 1/2 cup grated processed cheese 
  • 1/2 cup grated cottage cheese 
  • 1 small green capsicum-Chopped 
  • 1 Medium carrot-Grated 
  • 2 to 3 green chillies-Chopped 
  • 1 tbsp chopped mint leaves 
  • 1 tbsp chopped coriander leaves
  • 1/2 cup refined flour 
  • Oil for deep frying 
  • 1 tsp kewra
  • Fried onions for garnishing 


  • To make Pulao Recipe start with spice mix in a flat pan add star anise,black peppercorn,cinnamon,bay leaf,green cardamom,cloves,black cardamom and toast lightly.Then transfer into blender and crush it.

  • Again in a pan heat ghee then add ginger,green chillies,onion and saute it till the onions turns light golden brown...

  • After onions turns golden brown add soaked rice give it mix then add stock at the same time add salt,spice mixture,coriander,mint,give it nice mix.

  • Put saffron.Cover and cook till the rice is fully done.

  • At the same time lets prepare kofta in a bowl put mashed potatoes into this add cheese,paneer,capsicum,carrot,green chillies,mint leaves,coriander,salt,spice mixture and give it nice mix.

  • When rice is fully cooked switch off the heat but do not open the lid.Let it cook in own steam.

  • In a plate put some flour to coat a veg kofta.Prepare medium size of kofta and roll it in refined flour this is will help to fry kofta evenly.

  • So in a deep pan heat oil and fry all the kofta.Fry till it became little golden brown after it became golden brown remove it on absorbent paper when all kofta are done keep it aside.

  • Veg kofta Pulao Recipe are also almost done remove the lid and the last step add kewra because this will enhance the flavor and cover it for at list 10 minutes.

  • So take a serving plate and serve it.Put kofta from the top.

  • Garnish with fries onions,coriander,mint.

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