Thursday, 1 January 2015

Juice Recipe for Fat Loss and Get 6 Pack Abs Faster

Juice Recipe for Fat Loss and Get 6 Pack Abs Faster best juice recipe it is to easy and also it helps to loose fatness and get 6 packs.Juice is not for female or anybody who is fat .Juice is best fir everyone and it makes to healthy.The main benefits of juice is actually to make your body alkaline.This juice called Dr juice It will maintain your health and make you fell good..So here the recipe for you...

How to make juice

  • Hand-full of spinach
  • 1 Big fresh apple
  • 2 Medium beetroot
  • Bit of Ginger
  • Couple of radish
  • A Big half cucumber 
  • 3 Medium carrot
  • 1 Small lemon

  • Take a big bowl and keep all ingredients in that and wash it. 

  • After wash put all the ingredients into grinder and blend it. 

  • After that take a juice in a glass.

  • Now Juice Recipe for Fat Loss and Get 6 Pack Abs Faster  ready to serve .

  • If you want you can add ice.. 

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